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Whpedia is an online based company formed by group of experienced and enthusiast tutors of diverse education background and faculty. The concept of having an organized platform that can be the bridge between teachers, students and parents was developed during the struggle phase of the founder themselves. We know that there are no any organized company providing and arranging home tuition services in Kathmandu. We have taken a step forward to provide the home tuition services as well asĀ tutoring jobĀ for deserving job seekers in an organized way.


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Location Khumaltar, Lalitpur
(within) 200 meters from Prachanda niwas
Exam Board NEB
Grade Class 12
Subjects Economics

The teacher must have a good experience.


Location Chundevi, Kathmandu
(within) 100 meters from Chundevi temple
Exam Board NEB
Grade Class 12
Subjects Business Mathematics

Time: morning and day, teacher must be experienced.


Location Sallaghari, Bhaktapur
(within) 100 meters from hello
Exam Board NEB
Grade Class 9
Subjects Math, Science

Teacher must have experience.Time: (6:30-7:30)

Gender Preference female


Impression of WHPEDIA on students, teachers and guardians

After i registered with Whpedia, I was offered to teach a home tuition very near to where i was living. Pay is decent and on time.

Bishal KC
Tutor - Management, Whpedia

I have hired a tutor from whpedia and i am happy with their service. The original tutor had to leave kathmandu for personal reasons, whpedia provided replacement tutor within a day.

Urmila Neupane
Parents, Housewife

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