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Whpedia is tuition service providing company formed by group of experienced and motivated tutors from diverse education background and faculty. The concept of having an organized platform that can be the bridge between teachers, students and parents was developed while founder himself used to teach tuition. We have taken a step forward to provide the home tuition services as well as tutoring job for deserving job seekers in an organized way.

Our services are mostly focused on providing job seekers student as well as experienced teachers with an opportunity to make that extra income during their leisure time. Similarly we are assisting parents and students in finding them the right tutor who can guide them to overcome the difficulties they are facing in different subjects.

Opportunity for students and Teachers for home tuition services in Kathmandu

If you are still struggling to get the right organization for home tuition services in Kathmandu, we can be your dream destination. We do not operate just as a contact medium but we ensure we have complete control on what is happening with our students and teachers. We conduct regular inspection and interaction with our tutors and parents to make sure the service deliver of our home tutors is top notch.

During our initial stage we discovered that there are many parents who are willing to guide their children with extra classes in home but they struggle to find the right teacher on their own. It is obvious in today's fast pace life style that people can barely give time for arranging everything. This is why whpedia has been established. We thrive to serve with utmost satisfaction of parents and our tutors as well. Our ultimate target is to become the number once service provider of home tuition services in Kathmandu.

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Ashes Timsina

Ashes Timsina

General Manager

Oversee daily operation of the organization

Bijay Sharma

Bijay Sharma

CEO/ Founder

Leading the development and implementation of the overall organization's strategy.

Tara Keshar Khatri

Tara Keshar Khatri

Sales Manager

Designing and implementing a strategic sales plan

Dhiraj Subba

Dhiraj Subba

Marketing Coordinator

Developing and implementing marketing and advertising campaigns

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